Friday, December 8, 2017

Summer learning journey.

Hello there bloggers! This week an amazing person called Megan came to teach us about something called " Summer learning journey ". This is an activity that we do in the holidays to keep our knowledge in these 6 weeks. Megan said tat the competition does not start until the 18 of December, but that we can do the last years learning journey. There are many activities on the site, but I picked "choose a destination". For this, you need to pick a country and write three facts about it. The country I picked was the United Arab emirates. Here are 3 facts about this country:
1. Petrol is cheap and easy to come by. In fact, you get FREE petrol worth a Dirham ( 1 Dh = 0.27 $ = 17 Rs) if you buy a Snickers bar. Not kidding.

2. The Palm islands and The World, in Dubai are among the largest man-made islands in the world. These islands added nearly 500 kms to Dubai's coastline.

3. Dubai's Burj-Al-Arab is one of the most luxurious and most beautiful hotels in the world. It is the third tallest hotel in the world.
What I have learnt: I have learnt amazing facts about U.A.E.
Now I want to go there!
Thank you for reading this blog post. Wish good holidays!

Favourite thing I did at school.

Hello there world. This blog post is about my favourite moment in school, so cheer up😎! One of my favourite things I liked this year was badminton. Badminton is a sport that is like tennis and volleyball. I really liked it because we did a lot of competitions in this sport. Here are some photos of when we were there:

Another thing I liked about the school year was the Gala day. As you know I already wrote about it but I will still put some photos on. The dancing was great, lots of people came, and we earned enough money to make a new playground!

Thank you for reading this blog post. I wish you enjoyed it!

Put your thinking hats on!🎩

Hello there blogging world, in the past 2 weeks we have been asked to complete a slide about the Waiowhai Primary gala day That was held 2 weeks ago. The slide show we did was about thinking hats🎩, which is when you describe different emotions and what you did on the day. Ohhh, I forgot to tell you! In the gala day we earned $13,400. What a good job! because we sold lots of stuff and because many people came, this was a success! Here is my slide show of the thinking hats:

What I have learnt: I have learnt to reflect and think more deeply about my experiences from the school gala day. Thank you for reading this blog post and I'll see ya later! ; )

Friday, November 17, 2017

Gala day preparations.

Hello there bloggers! How's your day? In the last couple of weeks we have been working on Soap For our school gala coming up. Just before we proceed, we are raising money for making a new playground for the juniors, since they don't have a playground anymore. Yes, our class made soap for the gala. We got in groups and picked a soap we liked to make. We chose goats milk soap. The process was super easy. We first microwaved some goats milk and glycerin. After that we put together the goats milk and glycerine. Then we added some essence to add a smell.
We mixed for a while and added them to silicone moulds. If you want to go to the gala you're more than welcome! Here are some photos of the soap we (Waitemata) have made:

We also made ads. Ads to attract people to our school gala. We first had to plan it out on a small paper, then once the teacher was convinced, we draw it on the BIG PAPER! Yes, it is really that big. After we drew everything, we used a permanent marker to outline. After all that work, we still need to colour with pastel. UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Then, at last we would show the teacher. Here is my poster I have made:

What I liked about it: I liked that we were doing this for the Juniors, as we were helping them earn some money. What I didn't like: Pastel covering my hands with colours!!!

Thank you for reading this blog post and I'll see ya later!😁

Friday, October 27, 2017

My math journey.

Hello there bloggers! hows your day? In the past week our amazing teacher (Mr Ross) gave us a task about maths budgeting. He explained that you are in a journey around New Zealand and you have to try spend less than $500 each day. Your trip is 11 days long. When we started this I was so excited. He said sometimes you can sleep in a hotel or a camper van if you hired one. You also had to do activities every single day. In one of these slides it says to solve how much money you will spend on petrol and how long does it take to get there. Here is an example of my petrol cost. It tells you how many km it takes to get there:

This was quite easy because Mr Ross said we could use a calculator!Hehe!

The last slide was the hardest, adding up all the numbers together. It took me about 3 mins to solve!

What I have learnt: I have learnt which hotels were expensive and what camper vans are cheaper. Maybe I'll go to a trip and remeber these two things!

Thanks for reading this blog post and I'll see ya later!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Mine craft characters!

Hello there bloggers! Three to four weeks ago we have been creating mine craft characters. This activity was for math. We have created more than one or two. I have created 3, which all of them were girls. Please tell me in the comments bellow about what I can improve in my blog posts. Thanks for reading this blog posts and till next time. Bye!!

What I have learnt: I have learnt how to make mine craft characters using google sheets. Here is a slide show of how I made it:                                                                                              


Google maps with Gerhard!πŸ—Ί

Hello there bloggers! Yesterday our cyber smart teacherπŸ’» (Gerhard) came and told us this thing about Google maps. It is when you can link together suburbs, parks, etc. So we used it to link schools that use ako hiko,  our school and many other things. I couldn't complete it, but here is my (almost) finished product:

We also had to follow a list of things we had to do. Here it is:

Thanks for reading this blog post. If you have anything to say about my blog tell me in the comments!
Thank you and I'll see ya later!πŸ˜†πŸ˜
What I have learnt: I have learnt to make a google map.πŸ—ΊπŸ—ΊπŸ—Ί